About us

archefilo, this is Janet Alter and Rainer Eindorf. Since 2005, the unconventional couple have been developing and producing room concepts, furniture, objects and drawings. Both are united by their love of minimalism. Janet Alter captures in her drawings –with a fine feeling for the special in everyday – moods, which stimulate the imagination and at the same time allow the possibility of identification.

„I am interested in the non-obvious behind the obvious, in people in their situations. A white paper, reduction and a quick, spontaneous stroke on the one hand and the fullness and complexity of life on the other. I want to touch the beholder in his ideas and open a longing for this moment.“ Janet Alter

The feeling for the reduction of the essential also determines the works of Rainer Eindorf. The furniture made of solid wood, combining the natural material with a clear formal language, as unique pieces full of character, are puristic and sensual at the same time. Objects, which harmonize with different living concepts through their aesthetic design.

The creative couple lives and works in Düsseldorf.